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Reduce Insomnia: Fall In Love With Falling Asleep

Do you love to sleep, but hate falling asleep? Do you dread lying in the dark with your own thoughts, not knowing how long you’ll be there waiting to sleep?

These thoughts can actually cause insomnia. What you want to do instead is create a bedtime experience that will become a habit. A healthy bedtime routine.

What NOT To Include In Your Bedtime Routine:

Blue Light – Your circadian rhythm is controlled in-part by the wavelength of light in the blue part of the spectrum of light. Screens such as your TV, laptop and mobile phone emit blue light. Some of these devices have an option or app to filter out blue light, which will prevent the screens from waking up your brain while you wind down before bed.

Caffeine and Alcohol – Both caffeine and alcohol are drugs that have different effects on your sleep cycle. Caffeine is a stimulant drug which acts to prevent you from falling asleep. The effects of caffeine can remain the system for 7-10 hours after consumption, which is why many people choose not to drink caffeine after 10 am. Alcohol can both cause insomnia by affecting your circadian rhythm, causing a jet-lag type of feeling and also reduce your sleep quality by exacerbating sleep apnoea symptoms and snoring.

What To Include In Your Bedtime Routine:

A Relaxing Atmosphere – no screens, nothing that will remind you of work. You might prefer to have dim or no lighting, to allow your eyes to rest. Low light levels in the evening also helps to regulate your circadian rhythm.

Cool Down – When your core body temperature decreases by a few degrees, this is a signal to your brain that it’s time to fall asleep.

Meditation – Some people find that meditation can help to slow your heart rate and your breathing, which signals your body to rest and relax.

Journaling – write down your thoughts and feelings so that they stop swirling around in your mind while you try to sleep.

Aromatherapy – Reduce anxiety and wind down before bed with Aromatherapy Clinic Relaxing Blend, also now available on Amazon Australia. Include a few drops of essential oil to your bath or shower before bed for a truly elevated bedtime routine.

Reduce or eliminate snoring with our Aromatherapy Clinic Anti Snoring Blend now also available on Amazon Australia!

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